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The Best Halloween Books for Kids in 2024: A Guide to Spooky Tales! 🎃

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I recommend only books I think kids will love.

The Top 25 Best Halloween Books 2024 for Kids

Welcome, readers! As the autumn winds start to blow, we’re thrilled to share the very best Halloween books of 2024. Perfect for kids aged 4-12, these tales are filled with spooky fun and amazing adventures. These books are handpicked for their magical stories, colorful illustrations, and characters that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. Whether you're reading under the covers with a flashlight or sharing stories with family by the fireside, this list promises hours of entertainment and delightful chills! 🍂📖🎃

Dive into a world of pumpkins, ghosts, and festive delights as we unravel the mysteries and enchantments of Halloween. Let's journey through magical realms and discover stories that will become new favorites in your home.

2024’s Best Halloween Books for Children

By: James Emery Lovitt Jr.

"When Halloween Took Over Christmas". Our top pick! Want to see Skeletons Jingle Bells?

This book is SCREAM-ingly good! It mixes spooky Halloween fun with merry Christmas cheer!   Imagine jack-o-lanterns with candy canes (YUM!) and singing ghost carols (a little silly, but FUN!). This book is a SPOOKY surprise for little monsters who LOVE Halloween AND Christmas!  ❄️ Don't be a SCAREDY-CAT! Get your copy and see what happens when spooky (not-so-spooky) Halloween MONSTERS meet Santa! This is the BOO-ziest, most AWESOME story EVER!  ️

By: Julia Donaldson

"Room on the Broom". Join a kind witch and her animal friends in this delightful tale about friendship and teamwork. When danger arises, will there be room on the broom for everyone?

"The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything". Follow a brave old lady who meets shoes, pants, and other things that want to scare her. With repetitive phrases and fun sound effects, kids can't resist reading along.

By: Ron Keres

"The Scariest Story You've Ever Heard". Gather 'round and get ready for a tale that promises to be the most spine-tingling you've ever heard. Venture with a group of kids who decide to share scary stories, only to discover that one might just be true!

By: Laura Numeroff

"It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!" Mouse from "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is back, painting faces on pumpkins. A fun exploration of emotions for little ones.

By: Susan Meissner

"Pumpkin Day at the Zoo" Experience a delightful day at the zoo with all the animals getting into the Halloween spirit. Watch as they pick, carve, and celebrate with their unique pumpkin creations. A charming story that combines the love of animals and the festive fun of Halloween!

By: Beth Ferry

"The Scarecrow". Discover the touching tale of a scarecrow and a baby crow who form an unlikely friendship. This beautifully illustrated story celebrates kindness, love, and the unexpected bonds that emerge in the most surprising places.

By: Alice Schertle

"Little Blue Truck's Halloween". Join Little Blue Truck as he picks up his animal friends for a costume party. Rhyming verses and fun lift-the-flap features engage young readers, making this colorful tale a Halloween favorite.

By: Jane Bexley

"Monster Farts". Get ready for a hilarious, stinky adventure as we follow mischievous monsters causing chaos with their uncontrollable farts. This book will have kids laughing out loud and is a delightful, silly choice for the spooky season.

By: Deborah Diesen

"The Pout-Pout Fish Halloween Faces". Dive into a deep-sea Halloween adventure with the Pout-Pout Fish. Explore the ocean's spooky sights as our finned friend tries on various Halloween faces. Filled with vibrant illustrations and catchy rhymes, this book offers underwater fun that'll make kids smile.

By: Adventure Kids Press

"Halloween Jokes For Kids". Get ready to giggle and chortle with this delightful collection of Halloween-themed jokes perfect for young readers! From ghostly giggles to monstrous mirth, these jokes from Adventure Kids Press are just the thing to get into the Halloween spirit. Share them at school, at parties, or during a fun family night at home!

By: Helen Ketteman

"The Ghosts Go Haunting". Follow the ghosts as they go from class to class in a school, making things float and scaring everyone in sight!

By: Helen Ketteman

"It's Halloween, Little Monster". Little Monster is eager for Halloween night. There's so much to look forward to, but he also has a little bit of fear. Helen Ketteman spins a tale that captures the excitement and nervousness kids often feel about Halloween night. Through colorful illustrations and a charming storyline, young readers are reminded that Halloween can be both fun and a tiny bit spooky, but there's nothing to truly be scared of.

By: Workman Publishing

"Paint by Sticker Kids: Halloween". Dive into a unique Halloween activity with this fun sticker book. Instead of painting, kids can create vibrant Halloween scenes by placing stickers in the right spaces. It's a mess-free way for kids to be artistic and get into the Halloween spirit. The book is packed with spooky scenes waiting to come alive with colors, all thanks to the magic of stickers!

By: Ian James Dye

"The (not-so-scary) Book of Monsters". Join a delightful journey as we meet monsters that aren't scary at all! This whimsical book introduces kids to friendly and quirky monsters, each with their own unique personality. It's a wonderful story that teaches children not to judge by appearances and that sometimes, things aren't as scary as they seem. With fun illustrations and playful monsters, it's a Halloween hit without the frights.

By: Riel Nason

"The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt". Meet a unique ghost who's not like the others: instead of being made of sheets, he's a quilt! While he feels different and sometimes struggles when other ghosts float breezily and he's weighed down, this little ghost discovers his uniqueness is also his strength. This touching story is all about embracing who you are, offering a cozy spin on Halloween tales and emphasizing the beauty of being different.

By: Isla Wynter

"The Pink Ghost". Journey with the lovable Pink Ghost who doesn't quite fit into the world of traditional spooky spirits. With her vibrant hue, she feels out of place amidst the usual ghostly crowd. But throughout the tale, the Pink Ghost discovers that being different can be a source of strength and joy. This sweet story encourages kids to embrace their uniqueness and to understand that it's okay to stand out.

By: Margery Cuyler

"Bonaparte Falls Apart". Bonaparte the skeleton is having a tough time. Every time he plays, he falls to pieces, literally! With the help of his spooky pals, he seeks ways to keep himself together, especially with the Monster Mash Bash coming up. Through teamwork and creativity, this delightful book brings forth a tale of friendship and problem-solving. Kids will giggle and cheer for Bonaparte as they read this Halloween treat.

By: Flavia Z. Drago

"Gustavo, the Shy Ghost". Meet Gustavo! He's a ghost who's incredibly shy and has a hard time making friends because most other creatures are scared of him. But Gustavo has a big heart and loves to play the violin. This touching story follows our spectral hero as he musters up the courage to invite his fellow monsters to a Day of the Dead concert. With heartwarming illustrations and a tale about overcoming fear, this book is perfect for readers looking for both fun and depth in a Halloween story.

By: Sonica Ellis

"The Witch's Cat". Journey with the curious and mischievous feline who belongs to a powerful witch. In "The Witch's Cat," the cat finds itself embroiled in magical adventures and tricky situations, all while trying to stay in the good graces of its mystical owner. This delightful tale captures the essence of Halloween with its mix of magic, fun, and just a hint of danger. Children will be enchanted by the cat's antics and the vibrant world Sonica Ellis has created.

By: George Levenson

"Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden". Dive deep into the life cycle of a pumpkin with this enchanting story. "Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden" lets readers follow along as a pumpkin grows, from seed to full fruit and back to seed again. George Levenson paints a vivid picture of the natural magic happening right in our gardens. With beautifully detailed illustrations and a story that teaches as it delights, this book is perfect for young nature lovers and Halloween enthusiasts alike.

By: Dav Pilkey

"The Hallo-Weiner". From the creative mind behind "Captain Underpants," Dav Pilkey delivers a heartwarming Halloween tale with "The Hallo-Weiner." This story revolves around Oscar, a little dog with a big heart, who gets teased by other dogs because of his unique appearance. But Oscar may just have a trick up his sleeve to turn things around this Halloween. With humor, touching moments, and a valuable lesson on self-acceptance, "The Hallo-Weiner" is a Halloween treat that readers will cherish.

By: Jennifer Ward

"There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider". This fun rhyme, based on the classic "Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly," is perfect for Halloween with its quirky mummy and spooky eats.

By: Susan Montanari

"The Halloween Tree". Readers will embark on a magical journey where a single tree transforms into a hub of Halloween festivities. As the pages turn, the tree becomes adorned with spooky ornaments and creatures, serving as the centerpiece for a town's Halloween celebration. With vivid descriptions and playful storytelling make "The Halloween Tree" a delightful read that captures the essence of Halloween's wonder and creativity.

By: Ben Clanton

"A Super Scary Narwhalloween". Dive deep into a Halloween celebration under the sea. This tale brings readers into the world of Narwhal and Jelly as they experience the thrills and chills of the spookiest day of the year. With its imaginative storyline, endearing characters, and a touch of underwater whimsy, this book is perfect for kids looking for a unique Halloween adventure. With playful illustrations and heartwarming moments make it a must-read for the Halloween season.

A Classic Halloween Book BONUS PICK "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

By: Tim Burton

"The Nightmare Before Christmas". Bored with being spooky? Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, stumbles on Christmas Town and hatches a hilarious (and slightly scary) plan to bring a "Scary Christmas" to the world!  This rhyming adventure is perfect for kids 4-12 who love a touch of the unexpected.

Why These Books Are Spooktacular Choices for Halloween 2024

The Best New Halloween Books 2024: Every book on this list is special. They take us to magical worlds filled with ghosts, goblins, and friendly monsters. They remind us of the fun of Halloween - dressing up, going on adventures, and sharing stories with friends and family.

Make Your Reading Time Extra Fun! 🍪🥛

Want to enjoy these books even more? Create a cozy reading spot with blankets and pillows. Maybe even make it look a bit spooky with some Halloween decorations! Don’t forget to have some tasty snacks close by. And if you can, read with family or friends. Sharing stories makes them even better!

Halloween Books For Young Readers

These captivating Halloween tales, perfectly suited for young readers, promise a blend of frightful fun and adventurous excitement. Dive into these pages and discover the magic and mysteries that Halloween brings! 🎃📚🍁

Conclusion: Ready, Set, Read! 🌙📚

This 2024 holiday spooky season, dive into these fantastic Halloween tales. Whether you're into friendly witches, talking pumpkins, or brave kids on spooky adventures, there's something for everyone. So, pick your favorite book, snuggle up, and let the Halloween reading fun begin!

Happy reading and Happy Halloween! 🎃


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