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Top 25 Best New Christmas Picture Books 2023

Dive into the yuletide cheer with our specially curated collection of the top 25 children's new Christmas picture books for 2023. Ignite your little ones' holiday spirit with stories filled with imagination and wonder, each book a festive door to new worlds of snowflakes and starlight. These hand-selected titles will bring families together, creating new traditions and joyous memories with every colorful page.

Top 25 Children's New Christmas Picture Books of 2023

Presenting Our Curated Collection: 25 Outstanding Christmas Picture Books for Children (Listed in Random Order for Your Discovery and Enjoyment)

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, I recommend only books that I truly value and believe you will enjoy as much as I do.

By: James Emery Lovitt Jr. (Reading age: 4-12 years, from customers)

'When Halloween Took Over Christmas: The Night of Halloween-Christmas' (By: James Emery Lovitt Jr.) Don't miss the chance to make this amazing rhyming READ ALOUD story tale a treasured part of your holiday tradition! Click to capture the hearts of your little ones with this spellbinding Christmas Eve tale where the thrills of Halloween meet the cheer of Christmas in a whirlwind of rhyming adventure. HELP RESCUE SANTA! Order now and create memories that will last a lifetime! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'When Halloween Took Over Christmas: The Night of Halloween-Christmas'

By: Mo Willems (Reading age: 3-5 years, from customers)

'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!' (By: Mo Willems) Embark on a festive ride with the hilarious antics of the Pigeon in this new holiday classic. Will the Pigeon's Christmas wish of sleigh-driving hilarity soar high, or will he be left flapping in the winter chill? Join the laughter and cheer this season with the Pigeon's latest adventure that promises a sleigh-load of giggles and chuckles for readers young and old! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!'

By: Alice Schertle (Reading age: 1-3 years, from customers)

'Little Blue Truck's Christmas' (By: Alice Schertle) Join Little Blue Truck on a merry mission this Christmas as he brings joy and jolly trees to his friends in this dazzling light-up book, perfect for holiday gifting. Count along from one to five with every delightful delivery and keep the festive spirit bright. With its rhythmic tale and twinkling lights, this heartwarming story from the Little Blue Truck series will light up the holidays for every young reader. Beep! Beep! Don't miss out on making this charming book a glowing part of your Christmas tradition! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Little Blue Truck's Christmas'

By: Erin Guendelsberger (Reading age: 4-8 years, from customers)

'Little Red Sleigh' (By: Erin Guendelsberger) Ignite the holiday spirit with this heartwarming tale of a determined sleigh and the magic of Christmas, a story that's perfect for fans of timeless winter classics. Embark on an enchanting journey as one little sleigh defies the odds to achieve her dreams. This best-selling Christmas picture book promises to be a festive read that inspires belief in the impossible and becomes a treasured tradition in every home. Give the gift of joy and wonder this season, without ever revealing what's under the wrapping. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Little Red Sleigh'

By: Alice Walstead (Reading age: 4-10 years, from customers)

'How to Catch Santa Claus' (By: Alice Walstead) Get ready for a holiday escapade that blends merriment with a touch of mischief! Join in on the festive fun as you try to outwit the one and only bringer of Christmas cheer. This bestselling picture book is a whirlwind of rhymes, giggles, and educational STEAM concepts, making it the perfect addition to your holiday reading list. Gather around and see if you can outsmart Santa's magic, making this Christmas one for the storybooks! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'How to Catch Santa Claus'

By: J R Buchta (Reading age: 3-18 years, from customers)

'The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story' (By: J R Buchta) Embark on an extraordinary Christmas voyage where a single act of kindness sparks an unforgettable adventure. This heartwarming tale weaves a tapestry of stardust and snowflakes, taking you and your little ones on a journey that celebrates the spirit of the season and the magic of a moment that happens only once. With gorgeous illustrations and a message that will resonate through the ages, this story is poised to become a cherished part of your family's holiday tradition, igniting wonder and joy in hearts around the world. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story'

By: Gideon Sterer (Reading age: 4-8 years, from customers)

'The Christmas Owl' (By: Gideon Sterer) Discover the heartwarming journey of a little owl whose life takes an unexpected turn when her home is chosen to be the most celebrated Christmas tree. Whisked away from all she knows, she encounters a world of kindness, care, and festive cheer in the hands of a compassionate rescuer. As Little Owl learns about the true spirit of Christmas through the warmth of newfound friendships, this shimmering story unfolds to reveal how the holiday season can bring magical new beginnings and a community of love. It's a glittering reminder that sometimes the most beautiful surprises come wrapped in the unexpected. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Christmas Owl'

By: Pavla Hanackova & Karolina Medkova (Reading age: 6-9 years, from customers)

'How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World' (By: Pavla Hanackova & Karolina Medkova) Go on a global Christmas adventure without ever leaving the comfort of your home! This vibrant book invites children to explore the festive traditions and joyful celebrations of Christmas across the globe. It’s a colorful journey that enriches young minds with the beauty of diversity and the unity of the holiday spirit, fostering cultural respect and a love for the varied tapestries that weave our world together. Open these pages, and let your child discover the many ways joy is spread during the season of giving! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World'

By: Lisa Ann Scott (Reading age: 3-5 years, from customers)

'Narwhal's True Christmas Wish' (By: Lisa Ann Scott) Join Nigel Narwhal in a festive undersea adventure at the North Pole, where dreams are as deep as the ocean and even the smallest of sea creatures can have the biggest of hearts. When Santa's sleigh takes flight and a precious True Christmas Wish falls into the briny deep, it's up to Nigel to prove that heroism knows no bounds. With a swish of his tail and a heart full of determination, he embarks on a quest that could make someone’s holiday unforgettable. This tale of hope, persistence, and holiday magic reminds us that the spirit of Christmas lies in believing and that the best gifts often come in the form of helping others. Will Nigel's Christmas dream come true? Dive in to discover the power of never giving up on your wishes! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Narwhal's True Christmas Wish'

By: Jimmy Fallon (Reading age: 2-6 years, from customers)

'5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas' (By: Jimmy Fallon) Embrace the twinkling anticipation of Christmas with this joyful countdown, where every sleep brings us closer to the jolliest day of the year! Savor the excitement of the season through a child's eyes, with a heartwarming reminder that the best part of Christmas is the lead-up, filled with dreams of Santa's imminent arrival. From festive preparations to whispered wishes, let the countdown begin, as each night's slumber edges us nearer to the delightful surprises wrapped in red and green. Get ready to tuck in and dream of the magic to come, because Christmas joy is just a few sleeps away! CLICK HERE TO GET: '5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas'

By: Rachel Hilz (Reading age: 4-8 years, from customers)

'The Candy Cane Fiasco' (By: Rachel Hilz) Unwrap the hilarity this festive season with an adventure that's as sticky as it is sweet! Follow the candy-coated chaos that kicks off with a single candy cane, leading to a whirlwind of sugar-fueled shenanigans. Perfect for families who enjoy a good giggle, this rhyming romp will stick with you through the holidays, proving that the best memories often come with a bit of a mess. So grab this book, snuggle up, and get ready to giggle — because a little bit of sticky is a whole lot of fun! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Candy Cane Fiasco'

By: Andy Wortlock (Reading age: 3-7 years, from customers)

'Cats Don't Like Christmas!' (Andy Wortlock) Get ready to purr with laughter this holiday season! Join our favorite feline who's not quite convinced about the holiday hustle. This whimsical tale is the purr-fect festive read for those who love a dash of sass with their season's greetings. Whether you're a cat person, a Christmas enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a good chuckle, this story will claw its way into your heart. Cozy up with your little ones and this book for a meow-velous holiday adventure that's sure to become a Christmas classic in your home! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Cats Don't Like Christmas!'

By: Mike Berenstain (Reading age: 3-7 years, from customers)

'The Berenstain Bears and the Christmas Angel' (By: By: Mike Berenstain) This holiday season, embark on a celestial journey with the beloved Berenstain Bears as they reveal the awe-inspiring role angels played in the classic Christmas story. Perfect for young readers, this tale from the Living Lights™ series shines a heavenly light on the wonders and messages of the angels. Gather around and let your little ones' imaginations soar with the angelic hosts, bringing the true spirit of Christmas into your family's festive reading traditions. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Berenstain Bears and the Christmas Angel'

By: Rachel Hilz (Reading age: 4-6 years, from customers)

'Santa's Lost Reindeer' (By: Rachel Hilz) Get ready for a festive frolic filled with laughter! Join a perplexed Santa on a riotous quest to find his elusive reindeer in time to save the holidays. Will Christmas cheer prevail, or will the jolly man in red be left in a lurch? Rally the family for an uproarious adventure that promises to sprinkle your holiday with giggles and mirth! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Santa's Lost Reindeer'

By: Don Daily (Reading age: 4-11 years, from customers)

'The Twelve Days of Christmas Cats' (By: Don Daily) Immerse yourself in the purr-fect holiday spirit with a whimsical twist on a classic carol, where twelve delightful felines frolic through the festive season. From poised Persians to charming calicos, discover each day's unique kitty as they leap and prance across the pages. Gather your cat-loving friends and family for a cozy read that will whisk you into a merry, meow-filled Christmas wonderland! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Twelve Days of Christmas Cats'

By: Bill Cotter (Reading age: 2-4 years, from customers)

'Don't Push the Button! A Christmas Adventure' (By: Bill Cotter) Get ready for a giggle-filled festive frolic with our favorite mischievous monster, who's back to test your willpower this holiday season! Join the jolly, button-pushing fun but remember, Santa's on his way, so let's keep the naughty antics at bay. Can you resist the temptation, or will curiosity lead to a Christmas surprise? Gather your little ones and see if you can all stay on Santa's nice list in this irresistibly interactive read! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Don't Push the Button! A Christmas Adventure'

By: J K Rowling (Reading age: 7+ years, from customers)

'The Christmas Pig' (By: J K Rowling) Gather 'round for a magical yuletide tale where love knows no bounds and miracles sparkle under the Christmas lights! When a cherished toy goes missing on Christmas Eve, it's up to one brave child and a daring newcomer to embark on an enchanting quest. Together, they'll leap into a world where the impossible becomes possible, and friendship is the greatest gift of all. Join this heart-touching journey that promises to be a holiday classic for every family's bookshelf. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Christmas Pig'

By: Tony DiTerlizzi (Reading age: 3-7 years, from customers)

'The Broken Ornament' (By: Tony DiTerlizzi) This festive season, join Jack on a heartwarming adventure that may just change the way you see the holidays. As one shattered ornament leads to the unfolding of an heirloom's legacy, Jack discovers that the spirit of Christmas isn't found in the abundance of decorations or presents, but in the treasures of family history and the love that binds us. Dive into this spellbinding story that promises to sprinkle your holidays with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of meaningful joy. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'The Broken Ornament'

By: Nola Buck (Reading age: 1-3 years, from customers)

'Christmas in the Manger' (By: Nola Buck) Go on a heartwarming journey this festive season and share the timeless tale of the first Christmas with the little ones in your life. This cherished story comes to life in a durable board book, designed with vibrant artwork and enchanting text that's perfect for young minds to absorb and adore. Create lasting memories and start a holiday tradition with this delightful read, lovingly crafted by a renowned duo for families to treasure year after year. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Christmas in the Manger'

By: Alice Walstead & Andy Elkerton (Reading age: 4-6 years, from customers)

'How to Catch a Reindeer' (By: By: Alice Walstead & Andy Elkerton) Get ready for a festive frolic with the ultimate holiday challenge—can you catch a runaway reindeer? Join the ranks of the cleverest kids this Christmas Eve as they lay out their most ingenious traps to capture Comet, the curious reindeer, and prove once and for all that Santa is real. It's a merry chase packed with laughs and surprises, perfect for the little detectives in every family! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'How to Catch a Reindeer'

By: Mike Lowery (Reading age: 4-6 years, from customers)

'Santa Shark: A Great White Christmas' (By: Mike Lowery) This holiday season, plunge into a fin-slappingly funny tale of underwater cheer! Ride the current with Edgar, the shark with the Christmas spirit, and Lotta the skeptical crab as they prepare for the most jaw-some visitor of all—Santa Shark! Will their sea-sational preparations reel in the big fish himself? Dive into the deep to find out if this Christmas will go swimmingly or if it will be a total belly flop. It's a festive splash for sea creatures and land-walkers alike! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Santa Shark: A Great White Christmas'

By: Maudie Powell-Tuck (Reading age: 2-6 years, from customers)

'Last Stop on the Reindeer Express' (By: Maudie Powell-Tuck) Enjoy a festive journey where the wonders of Christmas come alive with every turn of the page! Follow Mia on her enchanting ride aboard the Reindeer Express, a magical adventure that delivers more than just presents. Open doors to the next adventure, peek through to exciting new worlds, and discover a heartfelt surprise with a special card to open and enjoy. Perfect for little hands and hearts, this book captures the joy of connecting with loved ones, no matter the distance, making it a treasured experience for the holiday season. CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Last Stop on the Reindeer Express'

By: Random House (Reading age: 3-7 years, from customers)

'If I Were Saint Nick---by the Cat in the Hat: A Christmas Story' (By: Random House) Imagine if the Cat in the Hat took over Santa's duties for a day! Dive into this whimsically hilarious tale where Thing One and Thing Two don their Toy Making Sweaters, and singing gift wrap makes present-opening a musical blast. Envision giant candy canes hoisted by Cane Cranes and an expandable Santa Suit designed for the ultimate cookie collection. A must-read this holiday season, this book is sure to tickle the funny bones of Dr. Seuss fans and create giggles galore with every page turned—a festive gift that keeps on giving! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'If I Were Saint Nick---by the Cat in the Hat: A Christmas Story'

24. Dasher

By: Matt Tavares (Reading age: 3-7 years, from customers)

'Dasher' (By: Matt Tavares) Get ready to dash through the snow with a brave little reindeer who dreams of a different life. Follow Dasher's heartwarming journey from the sun-scorched circus to the snowy wonder of the North Pole, where destiny awaits and her hooves finally touch the winter's frost. It's a story of courage, change, and the power of a Christmas wish that turns her world around. Embark on this bestselling adventure and witness how one reindeer's leap of faith can change Christmas forever! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'Dasher'

By: Adam Wallace (Reading age: 2-7 years, from customers)

'How to Catch an Elf' (By: Adam Wallace) This festive season, embark on a riotous chase with the stealthiest of holiday visitors—an elf! Dive into vibrant pages filled with chaos and cheer as this elf dodges every clever trap laid out on Christmas Eve. Will you be the one to outwit him? Gear up for a tale filled with rhymes, giggles, and a sprinkle of STEAM concepts, as this little escape artist leads you on a merry dance through your own home. Perfect for young readers and families alike, this Christmas caper is just waiting to be snagged, so get ready to set the trap with the ultimate holiday read! CLICK HERE TO GET: 'How to Catch an Elf'

Perfect Holiday Gifts: New Children's Christmas Picture Books

New Christmas Picture Books 2023: Nothing can quite match the joy of gifting a child a Christmas picture book. Each of these picture books promises to kindle a love for picture book reading and the magic of the holidays with endearing stories like 'When Halloween Took Over Christmas: The Night of Halloween-Christmas.'

Storytellers of the Season: Authors Crafting New Children's Classics

The writers of this year's children's Christmas picture books, such as 'When Halloween Took Over Christmas: The Night of Halloween-Christmas' and '5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas,' have created stories that echo with the sounds of laughter and joy, destined to become new classics for bedtime readings and beyond.

What Readers Are Saying

The 'Top 25' Picture Books on our curated list are not only garnering high praise from readers across the globe, but they are also making a splash with impressive reviews on Amazon. Each title stands out with its unique charm, captivating storytelling, and stunning illustrations that have captured the hearts of children and adults alike. It's no surprise that several of these gems have found their way onto the prestigious New York Times Best Sellers List, a testament to their popularity and the impact they're having on the world of literature. From heartwarming tales to adventurous escapades, these books come highly recommended by a growing community of passionate young readers who celebrate the joy and art of picture books.

A Christmas Picture Book Conclusion

New Christmas Picture Books 2023: As the festive season approaches, let these top 25 children's Christmas picture books for 2023 be a part of your family's holiday tradition. They are not just stories; they are sparks of joy, imagination, and celebration, beautifully bound to be opened again and again. So gather round, and let's turn each page together, building a legacy of Christmas wonder that your children will remember forever.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, I recommend only books that I truly value and believe you will enjoy as much as I do.

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