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Magic Holiday Book: Where Halloween Nightmares Dream of Christmas

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I recommend only books I think kids will love. Imagine if Halloween and Christmas became one big story! That's what happens in 2024's "When Halloween Took Over Christmas"! 🎃🎄

Dive into a magical Holiday tale with the Best Christmas AND Halloween Book Combo!

📚👻 Dive deep into "When Halloween Took Over Christmas," the top Christmas Halloween Book of 2024. Discover a world where Christmas joy meets Halloween thrills. Meet Santa Pumpkin Head, the magical blend of both holiday wonders, as he adventures in the mystical Pumpkinville. Be ready to see dancing pumpkins with Santa's elves and Rapping Llamas under a spooky green moonlit sky. This Magic Holiday Book is the must-read merger of the season! 🌟

The Halloween-Christmas Book Crossover Delight!

🎃🎄 Dive into "When Halloween Took Over Christmas," a super cool book where Christmas fun and Halloween spooks mix together. Join Santa Pumpkin Head on his special adventure. If you love both holidays, this story is perfect for sharing with your family and making happy memories! 🎁✨

Discover the Magic of this Christmas Halloween Story!

👻🎅 Jump into a world where pumpkins and candy canes become friends! In the best Christmas Halloween story, see how Halloween and Christmas come together. Join Santa Pumpkin Head of Pumpkinville, as he tries to save Christmas. Come discover the magic and fun!" 🎃🎁

Spine-Chilling Reading Excitement for Kids of All Ages

🎃🎄 In "When Halloween Took Over Christmas," spooky fun meets Christmas joy! Imagine zombie singers and a witch flying with Santa's reindeer. This Christmas Halloween story is full of surprises and makes a great bedtime story for families to enjoy together!" 📖🎅

Read This Magical Holiday Book for Kids

👻🎁 Join the fun where Christmas and Halloween come together in one amazing story! Meet Santa Pumpkin Head and learn about the joy of mixing things up. Get ready for big surprises in "When Halloween Took Over Christmas".🌟🎄

Discover the Best Halloween AND Christmas Book

A Magic Holiday Book: Dive into the cool story of "When Halloween Took Over Christmas!" It's like mixing your favorite parts of Christmas and Halloween into one awesome tale. Travel with Santa Pumpkin Head and his Pumpkinville friends for a holiday adventure you'll want to read over and over! 🎃✨

The Perfect Christmas Halloween Book for All Children


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