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Rapping Llamas Save Christmas! Fun Holiday Book for Children

Yo Ho Ho, It's Wrap Time! Meet Lana & The Wrapping Llamas, the North Pole's Hippest Helpers!

Forget reindeer, forget elves! This Christmas season, it's all about the llamas! "When Halloween Took Over Christmas" throws a festive curveball with Lana & The Wrapping Llamas, the coolest wrapping-rap crew at the North Pole.

Something is Different About These Llamas

A Book About Llamas For Children: These ain't your average llamas, folks. By day, they're the fastest and finest gift wrappers in the business, running the hottest wrapping joint on Main Street. But when Santa's not around, these fluffy MCs drop the scissors and grab the mic! (wait, as in... microphone?)

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Lana & The Wrapping Llamas Wrap Gifts & Rap Lyrics?

That's right, Lana & The Wrapping Llamas are a rapping sensation! These lyrical legends drop rhymes about friendship, Christmas gifts, kindness, and the true meaning of the holidays. Imagine Santa's workshop bumping to beats about inclusivity and spreading holiday cheer!

Christmas Crisis! Halloween Takes Over the North Pole in This Spooky Fun Children's Book!

But wait, there's more! When disaster strikes, and Santa goes missing just before the North Pole Christmas Eve party, will Lana & The Wrapping Llamas step up and save the day? Will their rhymes have the power to bring holiday harmony back to the North Pole?

"When Halloween Took Over Christmas" is a wild ride filled with festive fun, spooky surprises, and rapping llamas! This rhyming storybook is guaranteed to have your kids giggling, grooving, and learning valuable lessons about the holiday season.

Ditch The Reindeer & Say "Hello" to the wRapping Llamas

So ditch the tired reindeer stories and dive into the world of Lana & The Wrapping Llamas! Order your copy today and discover the coolest crew at the North Pole (who also happen to be amazing at wrapping presents)!

P.S. "When Halloween Took Over Christmas" is a children's rhyming read-aloud bedtime storybook that merges the fun of Halloween with the joy of Christmas in one crazy and exciting adventure! This kid's book has everything you can imagine: rapping llamas, spooky-fun encounters with zombies and vampires, helpful elves, trick-or-treaters, a mischievous witch, a mischievous black cat, and a whole lot of bats invading the North Pole! Did we mention Santa Claus is missing too?!



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