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Rapping Llamas SAVE Christmas From Halloween Monsters

Wrap It Up and Rock Out: Lana & The Wrapping-Rapping Llamas Save Christmas with Kid-Friendly Rhymes! This is a Christmas storybook that is guaranteed to be like NO other holiday book your children have ever read before!

Calling All Parents: It's Time to Ditch the Reindeer Books

Calling all parents looking for a children's storybook that's anything but ordinary! Introducing this Fun & Rhyming Halloween-Christmas Book for ALL Children (ages 4-12).This holiday season, ditch the tired reindeer tales and dive into the wacky, wonderful world of "When Halloween Took Over Christmas."

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I recommend only books I think kids will love.

Rapping Llamas Save Christmas

Llamas Who Rap? These Rapping Llamas are the North Pole's hippest crew you've never heard of! Forget your average llamas – these furry friends are multi-talented!

By day, theses Llamas are the undisputed champions of gift wrapping. Their shop on Main Street is legendary for transforming even the most awkward present into a masterpiece under a flurry of colorful paper and festive flair. Santa himself trusts the llamas to make his gifts the envy of every good girl and boy.

By night, when the elves clock out, Lana & The Wrapping Llamas undergo a magical transformation. Scissors are swapped for mics, wrapping paper replaced by dazzling costumes, and the North Pole workshop transforms into a thumping concert hall.

Lana, the undisputed leader and rhyme queen, takes center stage with her crew. Imagine Santa's workshop pulsating with funky beats and playful rhymes about friendship, kindness, and the true meaning of the holidays! Elves tap their feet, reindeer sway their antlers, and the entire North Pole gets groovin' to these positive vibes.

A Rhyming Christmas Book with a Halloween Twist

Uh Oh! Santa Missing & Halloween Monsters Invading?! This Rhyming Christmas Book Has a Dramatic Halloween Twist!

Disaster Strikes! Will the Llamas SAVE Christmas?

This year, just before the annual Christmas Eve party, disaster strikes! Santa Claus goes missing! Chaos erupts as festive cheer plummets. To make matters worse, a horde of mischievous Halloween monsters – vampires, mummies, zombies, werewolves, a witch, a black cat, and a whole lot of bats – have invaded the North Pole and crashed the Christmas party!

Llamas VS Monsters: A Spooky-Sweet Surprise!

Can Christmas be saved? Enter Lana & The Wrapping Llamas! Knowing the power of music to unite and uplift, the llamas decide to take center stage. Their first challenge? To win over the skeptical Halloween monsters, with their "sick beats!".

Lana the Llama Drops the Mic (Well, Not Literally)!

Rapping Llamas Save Christmas with Infectious Beats! Lana drops a beat so funky it makes even the stiffest mummy groove! Her raps celebrate all holidays, even the spooky ones, reminding everyone of the importance of friendship and the joy of giving. Slowly, the catchy lyrics and positive vibes melt away the monsters' grumpy exteriors.

The Christmas Concert Becomes a Monster Smash Hit!

A Must-Read Rhyming Christmas Book for Kids Who Love Llamas & Monsters

The concert becomes a smash hit! Lana & The Wrapping Llamas weave holiday classics with their own original rhymes, creating a unique soundscape that unites Christmas cheer and Halloween thrills. Elves and monsters dance together, reindeer tap their hooves, and the spirit of the holidays fills the North Pole once again.

"When Halloween Took Over Christmas" is a wild ride filled with festive fun, spooky surprises, rapping llamas, and the power of music!  This rhyming children's book guarantees giggles, grooves, and valuable lessons about the holiday season, friendship, and embracing all kinds of celebrations. So ditch the tired reindeer stories and order your copy today!

Your kids will discover the coolest llama rap crew at the North Pole (who also happen to be amazing at wrapping presents and dropping sick beats!)


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